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            1、 Develop business
            Job responsibilities:
            1. Responsible for business team management, maintenance of old customers and development of new customers.
            2. Targeted regular visits to customers to establish cooperation and promote achievement of performance goals.
            3. Responsible for documentary, collection, understanding of customer dynamics and product needs.
            4. Formulate detailed customer development and marketing plans and sales expense budgets to ensure the achievement of annual goals.
            5. Be responsible for the specific implementation of the sales plan and supervise the effective implementation of the sales plan.
            6. Participate in the review of sales contracts and the evaluation of capital risks, and supervise the implementation.
            7. Track the delivery date of products and coordinate the handling of customer objections.
            8. Organize the collection of industry trends and product market related information, and regularly summarize feedback.
            9. Stimulate, select, cultivate and build a high-quality sales team.
            10. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

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