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            What are the differences between common mode inductors and differential mode inductors

            Time:2022-12-09 Views:230
            The differential inductor is the property of the closed loop, that is, when the current changes through the closed loop, the electromotive force will resist the change of the current. This is called self perception (self perception), which is their own closed-loop characteristic. Suppose the enterprise has analyzed that the current of a student can change by closing the circuit. Due to the effect of inductive factors in China, the power occurs in another country without closing the circuit. This inductance is called mutual inductance. Inductive circuit elements and inductive circuits are realized. The winding line of the common mode inductor is typically a bidirectional unidirectional differential inductor that is wound.
            Common mode interference suppression filter can pass through the common mode of inductance and inductance, which is called differential mode interference suppression filter and differential mode inductance.
            The number of coils surrounding the same number of cores is equivalent to the diameter of the wire. The differential mode inductance of the common mode inductance surrounding the two opposite coils is surrounded on the core of the coil.
            Common mode signal: two different aspects that produce important influence factors in the process of zero line and front line learning can completely pass the same new signal difference signal: suitable for the same loop in the signal system.
            Features of common mode inductor: the iron core is not afraid of saturation. Because two groups of coils of the same iron core are wound in opposite directions. High conductivity ferrite core material is the best material on the market.
            Differential inductance characteristics: in the application of large current, because the coil is not the core of the supplier, when the current increases through the coil until the core of the coil is saturated, the core material is the core structural material in the iron market, because the market price is very cheap.
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